Why Victory?

Have you ever wondered about Nike?? Why is it called that?  Did they make it up?  The answer is no, the Nike people didnt make up the name Nike.  Nike was the Greek Goddess of Victory.  Now that you know that I am going to get you wondering again.  Why was she the Goddess of Victory?  Well this Greek myth (I made it up so dont go thinking this is what the Greeks creates) has all the explanations about your wonders.  Or most of them anyways.  This is the Myth about how Nike became the Goddess of Victory…….

Nike had three other siblings, Zelos, Kratos, and Bia.  Her family was very very very competitive.  Zelos was zealous, Kratos was full of strength, and Bia used force.  These were the traits of Nike’s siblings to win.  They ALWAYS cheated and was never punished because when they won they showed off a new talent every time.  Though Zelos, Kratos, and Bia were so good at winning that didn’t mean that the youngest, Nike, was.  Yes she was super competitive and yes she did want to when, but she never could win because her siblings just one upped her every time.  Whenever she lost she just got more determined to win.  Finally, one day she went to Mount Olympus and asked Athena for some advice on how she could beat her siblings at something.  Athena, being the goddess of wisdom, told Nike that she already could beat her and told her that her victory was within, but to never sink to as low as cheating to win.  When Nike got home she realized that she was starting to win in some of the silly games her siblings played.  She also realized that whenever someone cheated not only did they lose they came in last place.  Later, Nike went back up to Mount Olympus to thank Athena for her gift.  All Athena said was she will forever be the Goddess of victory as long as she went by all the rules.  Nike thought that that was only a figure of speech and that she wasn’t actually a goddess.  But as the years went on and the people around her started dying she realized that all those years ago Athena wasn’t just using a figure of speech.  Nike was the Goddess of Victory.

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